Together we

This is the platform to connect people who inspire and empower, so together, we can create a better world.

Seeing our Whys live -from anywhere, anytime- in one place is the spark to ynitiate conversations about them and start living with purpose.

Well, we didn’t find any place like this and asked ourselves “Why not make it happen for everyone?”

Is it time to make your Why more real?

A Space For You

To share your purpose and what makes you wake up everyday. A space for You to ynitiate conversations on your WHY journey and Ynspire. 

There’s also a community where we refine and support each other to live our Whys. Radically generous people ready to share and take a bold (and sometimes scary) move to change the world. If this sounds like you hit us up and let’s have a chat. We’d love to know you.

Our Whys (So Far)

To connect and inspire people meaningfully, so that, together, we can empower each other to live a fulfilling life.

Rod Aparicio

peru | germany

To light the way from
possibilities to reality.
To empathize with people, so that we are always improving our prototypes.
Tener empatía con las personas para que mejoremos constantemente nuestros prototipos.

Evelyn Vargas

peru | bali

To encourage us to reaffirm our personal signature so that we can unleash our infinite potential .

Barbara Kruzic

United Kingdom | Croatia

To relentlessly encourage each other so that we envision and create more than we ever imagined.

Kelly Crevier

united states

To connect potential with opportunity so together, we become the best versions of ourselves.

Jezlyn Lee


To amplify the growth mindset within us so that we can confidently pursue our heart’s desires.

Kristine Moore Leskó

venezuela | panamá

To bridge gaps so that we can be ourselves and flourish every day.
To guide people and create a path for a better future, so that together, we can achieve joy and fulfillment.
To use authentic kindness in connecting with others. To inspire and to be inspired. To energize and to be energized. And to experience happiness together.
To inspire people to incorporate spirituality into their daily lives so that they can unleash the power of oneness and spread peace into the world.
To facilitate a nurturing environment so that others can experience the true value.
To challenge the status quo and so that each one of us is inspired to imagine the impossible and transform our lives together.
To empower others to strive everyday becoming a better version of themselves, so that we together create the freedom to live our true colors.

Matthias Klatt

germany (preferably all over the world)

To energise relationships so that we can each feel better about ourselves.
To live courageously, connect meaningfully and trust deeply, so that we create an awesome connection with our abundant self.
To illuminate the power within us so that we may take the next step in our transformational journey.

Kene Diobi

united kingdom

To empower people’s lives, so that, we can live our best lives and make the world a better place.
To connect through supportive and meaningful relationships so that we can be part of a community where we feel safe and taken care of.

Lydia Kan

uk | usa | brazil | new zealand

To inspire compassion and caring so that every person who needs honest work and a safe home can live with dignity, within community.
To love people generosly for exactly who they are, so that we can be the fullest, most authentic version of ourselves.
To inspire trust among people so that we can guide each other in our journey to change the world.

Angel Marie Baguinat

singapore | philippines

To connect generations, so that together, we can honour and celebrate each other.
To enable everyone to engage with their inner music so that we can discover places we never knew existed.

Jonathan Johnson


To show vulnerability so as to be a pillar of strength for the community.
To connect in a meaningful, trustful way with others so that together we feel empowered and confident to reach our goals.
To translate concepts into semi-autonomous systems, so that others can benefit, grow and have greater social impact.
To see the possibilities in a complex world and show others what is possible so that together we can enrich our lives
To notice and care, so that we’re encouraged to grow and live a better life.
To connect people to possibility so that we build a more courageous world and lay the foundations of growth and innovation.
To lift others up, so that, together, we can create a world of generosity.

Sahil Swali


To connect with each other so that we are inspired to be better versions of ourselves.

Jamie Fleishman

usa | china | israel

To heal our individual and collective spirits so that every human and society transforms into the creator of their sacred journey.

Hengameh Bolouri

germany | iran | usa

To connect deeply with others so that we can better understand ourselves.
Speak truth, be present for people and make a difference to their lives so that no one feels lost, alone or like they don't matter.
To clarify complexity so we can realize our power.
To focus on what holds us back so that we can transform our reality.
To create community groups that support vulnerable people connect to social networks through live music .
To hold space for people to feel cared for so that people can believe in themselves, feel connected, and pursue their life purpose.
Inspire Others to Re-imagine, Re-ignite and Re-engage their Full Potential in a World of Unlimited Possibilities!
To inspire people to be their best selves, so we may all live a life that truly matters.

Ellina Watanabe

russia, japan

To help people and organizations rediscover their human essence, so that we can prosper and actualize the joy of living our fullest selves.
To connect with and inspire others to fuel their passions, find their happy, and untap their purpose and potential in life.
To uncover the best within others, so that we grow together and inspire action.

Raymond Chung

Hong Kong | China

To discover and cherish the true beauty of humanity, so that, together, we can live out our trueselves, activate our infinite potential and enjoy life.

Sharmarke Hujale

denmark | somalia

To inspire people in meaningful ways so that, each of us can live a life that matters.

Abigail Pierce

united kingdom

To build safe spaces for people to navigate the awkward moments of learning together. So that, we can master the fear and practice the tenacity for sharing our creativity with the world.