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'Cause everything starts with a Why...

We're here to connect people who inspire and empower, so together, we can create a better world.

your life into
Your why.

Seeing all of our Whys in one place is the spark to ynitiate conversations and start living with purpose. Find people like you, connect and inspire each other. Make your impact greater.

What Keeps you inspired?

To connect and inspire people meaningfully, so that, together, we can empower each other to live a fulfilling life.

Rod Aparicio

peru | germany

To light unseen possibilities to live our purpose, on purpose.

Barbara Kruzic

United Kingdom | Croatia

To relentlessly encourage each other so that we envision and create more than we ever imagined.

Evelyn Vargas

peru | bali

To connect and communicate from emotions, so that we can uplift and reaffirm our truest self to unleash our infinite potential.
To guide people and create a path for a better future, so that together, we can achieve joy and fulfillment.

Kristine Moore Leskó

venezuela | panamá

To bridge gaps so that we can be ourselves and flourish every day.
To challenge the status quo and so that each one of us is inspired to imagine the impossible and transform our lives together.

Kene Diobi

united kingdom

To empower people’s lives, so that, we can live our best lives and make the world a better place.
To illuminate the power within us so that we may take the next step in our transformational journey.
To uncover the best within others, so that we grow together and inspire action.
To hold space for people to feel cared for so that people can believe in themselves, feel connected, and pursue their life purpose.

Sharmarke Hujale

denmark | somalia

To inspire people in meaningful ways
so that, each of us can live a life that matters.
To connect through supportive and meaningful relationships so that we can be part of a community where we feel safe and taken care of.
To empower others to strive everyday becoming a better version of themselves, so that we together create the freedom to live our true colors.

Angel Marie Baguinat

singapore | philippines

To connect generations, so that together, we can honour and celebrate each other.
To connect people to possibility so that we build a more courageous world and lay the foundations of growth and innovation.

Jonathan Johnson


To show vulnerability so as to be a pillar of strength for the community.

Sahil Swali


To connect with each other so that we are inspired to be better versions of ourselves.
To translate concepts into semi-autonomous systems, so that others can benefit, grow and have greater social impact.
To inspire people to be their best selves, so we may all live a life that truly matters.

Abigail Pierce

united kingdom

To build safe spaces for people to navigate the awkward moments of learning together. So that, we can master the fear and practice the tenacity for sharing our creativity with the world.
To love people generosly for exactly who they are, so that we can be the fullest, most authentic version of ourselves.
To notice and care, so that we’re encouraged to grow and live a better life.

Raymond Chung

Hong Kong | China

To discover and cherish the true beauty of humanity, so that, together, we can live out our trueselves, activate our infinite potential and enjoy life.

Meet Kristine learn how finding her Why and putting it in practice took her to places way beyond she thought of. 

Kristine is a _______, working as a _____ to _____

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Stories of change

Your Life
Your Why

Meet Ying. Learn how she thinks that -besides everything being connected- every action and interaction we take has intention built in it. Know her story and how she puts her Why in her Yntention so she can keep connecting.

your Space
to live
Your why

Share your purpose and what makes you wake up full of energy everyday.

Your place to talk, share and ynspire your Why Journey.

If you’re always thinking of bringing your best to create a better world, it’s time to turn your thinking into doing.


If you’re looking for people like you, ready to share and take a bold (and sometimes scary) move to change the world, you’ve found the place. 

Join us and share your message.



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